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WHITE OWL Coffee it’s all about quality. WHITE OWL Coffee was born out of need for quality green coffee. Then add consistency and throw in old world family service with fanatical attention to detail. Sound good? We thought so.

Still interested? Congratulations you are in the right spot. The WHITE OWL Coffee Trading website welcomes you to our family of fine specialty estates and Co-op’s thrown in with a mix of organic, fairtrade, microlots and sustainably grown coffee.

Talk to a Human

It’s the WHITE OWL Coffee Trading way. After all we are fun and knowledgeable. Give us a call. You will see, we actually want to talk to you in person.

The Skinny on WHITE OWL  Coffee Trading

While other importers are owned by multinational billion dollar companies, WHITE OWL Coffee Trading is strong, independent and family owned. It was founded in 1960 by Grand father and reestablished this business by Grand Son Hadif after completing the compliance requirements & analysis to be Speciality Coffee Association Certified Member. We hunt for special coffees and we are not tied to buying from group companies, farms or mills. This freedom allows us to pick and choose what we like. We then park it in our warehouses on the west and east coasts.

What Is That Funny Spinning Table

This is a question our new roasters ask when they visit our cupping room. Our cupping table is the most important thing here at WHITE OWL Coffee Trading. That spinning table allows us to cup lots of coffees at once. If it doesn’t make the cut it’s not on our offering sheet.

The Final Word

Simply put, we believe our coffees offered to be the best on a consistent basis. It is our company mantra to make sure the entire coffee chain is of Herculean strength. This includes farmers, green importers and roasters as we are all in this together.

Don’t just take our word for it. Give us a ring or email us for samples and good coffee advice, or just to say hello. What do you have to lose? All of our coffees are guaranteed if you are not happy with how the coffees are performing for you. Let us know. After all 200 plus roasters can’t be wrong. We hope you become a member of the WHITE OWL family soon!

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